Fellowship Series

The ‘FS’ series expounds on the light and revelation applied from the basic teachings in the My Sheep Hear My Voice book and the ‘BS’ series of CDs

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FS 35 - A Fulfilled Life

Joseph C. Hedgecock

Order Code: CD/FS35

FS 01 - Amazing Grace

God’s grace is sufficient for us, but do we believe it?

Order Code: CD/FS01

FS 02 - Everlasting Gospel

In the light of the Gospel, Joseph Hedgecock defines the spiritual state of the nations and the timing of God’s judgements.

Order Code: CD/FS02

FS 03 - The Light of the World

Jesus is the ‘Light of the World’ but we lose our light by being away in darkness.

Order Code: CD/FS03

FS 04 - A Way That Seems Right

Proverbs 14:12. A look at how the devil uses the most subtle traps to deceive.

Order Code: CD/FS04

FS 05 - Law Versus Grace

How we are discharged from the law and justified by grace through faith.

Order Code: CD/FS05

FS 06 - Spirit Versus Flesh

How to walk by the Spirit rather than the dictates of the flesh.

Order Code: CD/FS06

FS 07 - The Millennium

Are you ready for Jesus’ millennium?

Order Code: CD/FS07

FS 08 - What World Are You Of?

Who’s world are you living in? If you’re not serving God, you are serving satan!

Order Code: CD/FS08

FS 09 - Friendships

The responsibilities and challenges of being a friend, and how to relate in friendships.

Order Code: CD/FS09

FS 10 - What Is Sound Doctrine

Further teaching on sound doctrine emphasising the need for a firm foundation.

Order Code: CD/FS10

FS 11 - The Anointing

How, when and why the anointing of God works in a believers life.

Order Code: CD/FS11

FS 12 - Forgiveness Versus Unforgiveness

Unforgiveness is one of the greatest hindrances to a close walk with God.

Order Code: CD/FS12

FS 13 - I & II Thessalonians

A look at the standards for obedience described by Paul the Apostle.

Order Code: CD/FS13


FS 14 - The Seven Churches of Revelation

The errors of the churches described in Revelation and how we can avoid them.

Order Code: CD/FS14

FS 015 - What God Has Prepared

Revelation and insight into what God has prepared for those who meet the conditions.

Order Code: CD/FS15

FS 16 - Glory to the Lord

How to give God the glory that He won’t share with any man.

Order Code: CD/FS16

FS 17 - A Vessel for Honourable Purposes

Aaron Ross. Teaching based on II Timothy 2:21.

Order Code: CD/FS17

FS 18 - Are You Faithful? (in the little things)

Are you faithful to the Lord, even in the 'little things'?

Order Code: CD/FS18

FS 19 - Do You Act or React?

The importance of responding the right way in every situation.

Order Code: CD/FS19

FS 20 - Don't Be Afraid of Fear

Fear is like a terrorist living on the inside. Learn to overcome it with perfect love.

Order Code: CD/FS20

FS 21 - The Kingdom of God NOW

A description of the Kingdom of God and some key fruit produced in the Kingdom now.

Order Code: CD/FS21

FS 22 - Mother's Day

The true value of motherhood; how to be a godly parent and how to honour our parents even though they may not be perfect.

Order Code: CD/FS22

FS 23 - God's Judgement (Heaven & Earth)

The coming judgements of God described biblically and scientifically.

Order Code: CD/FS23

FS 24 - Help Lord

Based around Psalm 12:1; seeking God for help in this wicked generation. The coming judgements of God should cause the obedient to cry out “help Lord’.

Order Code: CD/FS24

FS 25 - Be thankful

Order Code: CD/FS25

FS 26 - Revival

The need for a spiritual awakening and how to remove the stumbling blocks in our lives, families, cities and nations. Repentance and revival are linked.

Order Code: CD/FS26

FS 27 - Thinking on These Things

In depth teaching on the things to be thinking about described in Philippians 4:4-8. Includes definitions of the original words and explains why ‘thinking’ contrary to this scripture must stop.

Order Code: CD/FS27

FS 28 - Covenants

When you agree to do something you have to be faithful and pay whatever price to keep your commitment. Your word should be your bond!

Order Code: CD/FS28

FS 29 - Dealing With the Past

Joseph C. Hedgecock

Order Code: CD/FS29

FS 30 - What Did God Say?

The difference between trusting in self and being obedient to what God says.

Order Code: CD/FS30

FS 31 - It's Elementary My Dear Saints #1

Basic principles and the cornerstones of our Christian life are examined. Diligence and patient endurance are key foundations.

Order Code: CD/FS31

FS 32 - It's Elementary My Dear Saints #2

The difference between spiritual babies and mature saints is their experience and consistency in conforming to God’s perfect will in thought, purpose and action.

Order Code: CD/FS32

FS 33 - The Way of the Righteous

Joseph C. Hedgecock

Order Code: CD/FS33

FS 34 - Becoming Who You Are

Joseph C. Hedgecock

Order Code: CD/FS34

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