• Trust in the Lord with all your heart

    and lean not unto your own understanding.
    In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.
    Proverbs 3,5-6
  • You must understand

    in your spirit that I am talking about constant fellowship and communion with God,
    hearing the Lord's instructions about everyday life and being personally directed
    by the Spirit with Jesus as the literal, functional Lord of your life.

    My Sheep Hear My Voice. Joseph C. Hedgecock
  • You are either

    pressing toward the mark of the high calling of Christ,
    or you are seeking what your flesh wants.
    There is no third option.

    Wake Up Vol. III. Joseph C. Hedgecock


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A ministry for people with a heart after God

Servants of the Lord Ministries (SOLM) is a teaching and training ministry serving the body of Christ.

If your desire is to know God in a more personal way and you would like to abide in His presence consistently, as well as hear Him speak to your spirit for direction in every detail of your life, then SOLM is here for you!

Through seminars, conferences, church meetings and training weekends, and through various publications, such as the book My Sheep Hear My Voice, SOLM continues to share the practical steps and principles that will help those with a heart after God.

Joseph C. Hedgecock and his wife Shirley

Founder of SOLM

Our Commission

The Lord explained the purpose of the ministry to Pastor Hedgecock as follows: "I have children in every nation, and you have brothers and sisters, whose hearts are crying out to me. They have sought me for ministry, blessings, and gifts. I have given them those things and it has blessed them, but there is a part of their spirit that it never fulfilled that is reserved for an intimate relationship with Me. Now their hearts are crying out to Me, just for Me. That is who I am sending you to, because I don't want them to take the years it took you to get to Me, because there was no-one to show you how at the time."

What we teach

It is our aim to help believers develop a love relationship with God. The ministry's vision from the Lord is to reach those whose hearts are crying out to know God now. Some believe that only a few chosen people or those with high callings can hear God, but He desires fellowship with all of His children. Eternal life is much more than being born again. It is the privilege to know the Father and the Son personally and intimately (John 17:1-3).


  • Faith

    Faith is simply trusting God that He is trustworthy to do what He said he would do.

    From MY SHEEP HEAR MY VOICE by Joseph C. Hedgecock
  • Trust

    Whenever you disobey God, it is because you quit trusting him. If you trust him, you will obey regardless of the circumstances. It is that simple. Without obedience, there is no real trust in or love for God. The more you love and trust him, the more you obey him.
    From MY SHEEP HEAR MY VOICE by Joseph C. Hedgecock
  • Good and evil

    We have spent our whole lives deciding what is good or evil rather than submitting to Jesus as our Lord and letting him decide what we should or shouldn't do and what is good or evil.
    From MY SHEEP HEAR MY VOICE by Joseph C. Hedgecock
  • Excuses

    If your life does not reflect what God says, something is wrong! Believe me, it is not God’s fault if you are not where you should be spiritually. This is why I will continue to encourage you to examine each fundamental truth presented in this book and ask the Holy Spirit to show you why it is not in place in your life. You will never change if you continue to make excuses.
    From WAKE UP! TIME IS RUNNING OUT. VOL. I by Joseph Hedgecock
  • Snares

    The snares you must escape are in your mind. Snares occur when you do not bring your thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5). In order to be free, you must yield completely to the Lord for Him to change you. The primary work of the Holy Spirit is to transform you from being a carnal person to a spiritual person. You can only be brought out of captivity by the Spirit.
    From WAKE UP! TIME IS RUNNING OUT. VOL. II by Joseph Hedgecock

Support the ministry

If you would like to contribute to the ministry, donations can be sent to the account in England via bank transfer or PayPal.

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