The History of SOLM

Servants of the Lord Ministries is an apostolic teaching and training ministry sent to the Body of Christ. Its aim is to help believers to develop a love relationship with God. The Ministry provides Christian growth seminars, pastor and leadership conferences, training as well as oversight for ministries around the world. The ministry publishes books, CDs and videos and training aids to help in the goals of the ministry.



Joseph C. Hedgecock received the calling from God to go around the world with the message of fellowship and communion with God.


Servants of the Lord Ministries founded by Joseph C. Hedgecock in Tennessee.


First seminar on My Sheep Hear My Voice in Tennessee.


The headquarters move to Tulsa, Oklahoma


First trip around the world. The Lord leads Joseph C. Hedgecock to key leaders of the largest ministries in 13 countries of North and West Europe in just 17 days. At that time Joseph also visited the Republic of Ireland.


The original edition of the book, My Sheep Hear My Voice is published. The Lord spoke to Joseph to write this book. The Lord said to use an abundance of clear plain scriptures proving beyond a shadow of a doubt, the scripturality of knowing God as well as the mechanics of how to do it. God said to write this book in a simple manner so that a one-day-old child of God "who falls in love with me the way you did can follow these instructions and get to me".


Joseph visits Ireland to share the message with churches and is invited to speak throughout Ireland. Goes to England and Germany as part of the same trip. Meets Keith Jenkins, Dave Kennard and Roland Wieser for the first time.


Joseph starts visiting countries in West Africa. The Nigerian base is started.


In January the USA team visit Mexico and meet Yolanda at the last scheduled meeting. She is the translator for Joseph Hedgecock at the meeting. Later Yolanda requests training and becomes the Mexican co-ordinator.


The book My Friends Obey My Voice is published. This was written because many people were hearing but not obeying with the right motive. The only pure motive for keeping God's commands is because you love Him (see John 14:15).


The book Manifested Sons of God is published. God is going to pour out His Spirit on all flesh and He will have a remnant at the closing of the church age. Many born-again Christians want to be part of the great outpouring but are not prepared. This book describes in detail how to prepare for that great event now. Those who are not ready God will not be able to use mightily.


The base in England is started and they have their first business meeting in November.


The base in England takes responsibility for a 6 week trip to 10 countries in Eastern and Western Europe. Keith Jenkins is established as the European Co-ordinator. Joseph completes a trip visiting churches in nearly every major region of the entire world.


The German and Irish bases are started with Roland Wieser as the German Co-ordinator and Pat McGrath as the Irish Co- ordinator.


The original version of the book My Sheep Hear My Voice is published in Spanish.


The book Light is published. As Joseph travelled more and more he shared messages with leaders and churches. Leaders ask him if some of the teachings he gives in his seminars are recorded in any of his books. From this time there came a need to write the book Light. The book "Light" contains 23 different subjects. Each is a message in itself with the scripture references on key subjects about which the church is largely ignorant.


Joseph starts visiting countries in South America. A base for the printing and distribution of the books is formed in Bolivia with the largest ministry there. During this period, Joseph Hedgecock was able to assist one of the fastest growing consistent revivals in the world in La Paz, Bolivia in South America. In the church "Ekklesia", two of the leading elders saw revival start through them. They had seen revival before in La Paz but it had not lasted very long because the person through whom it came got lifted up in pride and he nearly destroyed the church 20 years before. They had been pastoring the church but during a crisis they had no message prepared and left time for the Lord to do whatever He wanted to do. This started the revival. Shortly afterwards one of the elders was attending a meeting of leaders in La Paz and heard Joseph Hedgecock share his testimony and the message of fellowship and communion with God. He got excited and realised that they needed this message in them as leaders. They asked Joseph to provide a covering for them so that they could hear the Lord and keep the revival going. The message of fellowship and communion with God maintained the growth and revival continued in the church with the numbers going from 1000 people to about 35,000 people in about 8 years. "Ekklesia" is one of the most consistent ministries in South America still in revival and has some of the most humble leaders. They now have 9 FM radio stations and their own TV station. They have a satellite link and can now reach all of southern speaking USA with the message of knowing God personally. Official government figures suggest that 35% of the people in Bolivia have been led to a personal relationship with Jesus through this one ministry.


The book Light is translated into German.


The book My Sheep Hear My Voice is re-published. The original text of the first book was not changed but 3 extra chapters were added to the book to make the expanded edition. The new book contains 140 clear plain scriptures proving beyond doubt the scripturality as well as the mechanics of a personal intimate relationship with the Lord. The book teaches that this relationship is available now for every child of God and is not just for those with a high calling on their life, pastors or leaders. This book is now available in many languages and is continuing to be translated into other languages. Joseph and Keith re-visit Romania for the first time in 4 years and Keith and Roland visit Finland and Sweden after the first ministry visit by Joseph himself in 1990.


The German expanded edition of My Sheep Hear My Voice is published. Joseph C. Hedgecock and Keith Jenkins visit Israel in December 1995.


The book, Sound Doctrine was written. The Bible says in 2 Timothy 4:3, "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers having itching ears." In the last days the 2 Timothy 3:7 says people will be "always learning but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth." This book was written because in the church we are still using man's methods of learning. Students graduate from our modern-day Bible colleges yet the Lord does not have any graduates in His school. The Bible says that the carnal natural mind cannot understand the things of God. The book "Sound Doctrine" demonstrates how even the simplest of lies in the church go undetected.


The Spanish translation of the expanded edition of My Sheep Hear My Voice is published.


The German edition of the book Sound Doctrine is published. Keith Jenkins and Louise visit Malta in November for the first time.


The Dutch translation of the expanded edition of My Sheep Hear My Voice is published.


Joseph's latest book describes those who are trapped and unable to overcome the enemy. The book Gilted Prison is there to help those who are serious about getting free from unseen chains. This book is a challenge to stop playing church and describes the gold covered prison walls and bars that born-again Christians have failed to break free from because they do not know how. The book Light in Germany is also reprinted because of the large demand for the books of Joseph Hedgecock.


The Norwegian translation of the expanded edition of My Sheep Hear My Voice is published.


The Polish, Russian, French, Czech and Romanian translations of the expanded edition of My Sheep Hear My Voice are published. The smaller books called Three Infallible Witnesses and How Love Grows are published. The second edition of the book Light in German is reprinted. A basic UK website for the ministry is launched. Internet access for ordering materials on-line & for study questions and answers. In March 2000 Keith Jenkins, the International Co-ordinator for Servants of the Lord Ministries is travelling and working full time.


The book Kingdom of God Now is published. The expanded edition of My Sheep Hear My Voice is published into Nepalese.


The smaller books Three Infallible Witnesses and How Love Grows are translated and published in German. The book My Sheep Hear My Voice is revised with additional chapters and published.


The book Gilted Prison is translated and published in Germany. The book Light is revised and published with additional chapters. The revised edition of My Sheep Hear My Voice is translated and published in Germany.


Work has begun on the translation of the book Kingdom of God Now into German.


Joseph's ministry workload now includes teaching and training in churches all over the world. Joseph is now still reaching many countries around the world with the message of fellowship and communion with God visiting Europe at least twice each year. He also does pastor and leadership conferences, trains ministers as well as oversees some ministries. Joseph is also the Senior pastor within Servants of the Lord Ministries and continues to write books and material to equip the saints for the work of the ministry. Since the ministry began, it has now reached the body of Christ in more than 100 countries of the world. God is continually opening up many new doors. The base in England is now responsible for the workload of the ministry in Europe, Asia and Africa and the base there is reaching over 25 countries each year.

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