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England - SOLM Bi-Annual Conference

England - SOLM Bi-Annual Conference

Biannual Conference Alternative - REVISED ! (With new web-links. See below.)

5th to 8th August 2020

Please note that the following sessions are intended for those who wanted to attend the Biannual Conference.

The sessions will all have a ’countdown’ facility such that if you are not tuned in by the end of the countdown you will be unable to join the session.

Joseph Hedgecock will speak four times starting promptly at 19:00 BST (20:00 CEST/Germany, 13:00 CDT/Tulsa). Session 1: Wednesday 5th

Session 2; Thursday 6th, Session 3: Friday 7th, Session 4: Saturday 8th August.

You will be able to locate all these live videos from Tulsa at: https://solm.ariso.ch/conference

Dr Keith Jenkins will lead a session on Saturday 8th August from 10:00 BST (CEST/11:00 Germany, 05:00 CDT/Tulsa). In this session Keith will respond to a series of questions. Should there be insufficient time to answer the questions there will be an additional session during the afternoon. Information concerning this will be made available at the end of the morning session and only be available to those who have tuned in for the morning session.  The link for the first session is also at: https://solm.ariso.ch/conference


Altogether there will be 5 sessions; 4 from Joseph Hedgecock and 1 Questions and Answers seminar by Keith Jenkins.

There will also be options, English or German language, Video or Audio.

Please note that these seminars will only be available, live on the day. After that, they will only be made available to those who request a link.
Please write an email to Keith Jenkins or use our contact form, if you would like a link to the conference talks. Thank you.

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Event Date 05-08-2020
Event End Date 09-08-2020
Location Nottingham

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