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The Structure of SOLM

SOLM is an apostolic teaching ministry, send to the body of Christ. Its aim is to lay a foundation in the body of Christ through teaching, training and example of the leadership-team in other churches, ministries, organisations and christian businesses.

To achieve this, the ministry has three recognizable levels of training.
These are:

  • Friends of SOLM
  • Trainees
  • Leadership team

Those levels are defined in the following way:

Friends of SOLM
  Friends of the ministry, who are not called to do the work of the ministry and want to assist us in practical ways of administration, prayer and financial support. The ministry requires those who call themselves friends of SoLM to walk consistently in the basic foundational teaching of the ministry.
  An opportunity exists for those who have walked as a friend of SoLM and achieved some basic correspondence training to be part of this apostolic ministry. They must be called and recognize a calling to work in the ministry. They must successfully complete the requirement laid out in the candidates for SoLM training before starting the training.
Leadership team
  The apostolic team within SOLM are those who have the ability to teach and train others in the work of the ministry. They are also examples of what they teach. They are recognized as anointed ministries in many aspects of life and do not rely on their own reasoning and understanding. They have proven themselves in ministry, in their own family-life and in business. They are able to hear, trust and obey the Lord consistently.